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Faucet and fixture

Sunset Plumbing and Heating Faucets can be tricky to repair especially if you have no knowledge of plumbing devices and how they work. Faucets are plumbing fixtures that are used to draw water from a pipe. The faucet can contain one of several compression valves. In order to repair a faucet it is first required to know which type of valve is inside which can then be used to acquire a replacement or a repair kit for the faucet valve.
There are many ways to identify a faulty faucet:

  • Leaking taps
  • Water under the sink
  • Leaking shower hose/head
  • Leaking pipes connecting to radiators
Sunset Plumbers offers a quick response to faucet repair, with professional and customer friendly plumbers covering the whole of the US. When dealing with Sunset plumbers, no job is too big or small to fix. The longer you leave the problem the worse it will get.