Our Services
New construction

We provide a professional service for subcontractors and have a team of dedicated construction industry experts at hand, to assist you with any contracting issues that you may have.
As the USA leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes, Sunset Plumbing and Heating Build mark warranty cover more than 80% of new homes built in the US and currently protects approximately 1.7 million homes. Over the past 40 years, Sunset has protected more than 30% of existing homes in the US.
At the heart of what we do is our national online database, the USA largest register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants. In terms of efficiency, time and cost saving and best practice, Construction line is proven to deliver for public and private sector organizations alike.
For suppliers to the construction industry, Construction line means that you no longer need to repeatedly fill in standard pre-qualification forms for every construction tender. What's more, with 8,000 buyers already using the Construction line database to source contractors and consultants, Construction line is a great tool to market your organization.